Over the years there has been the ongoing speculation that "Francoise Grenier/Garnier was Native".  

I was contacted recently by Gladys Labonte Proulx.  I found her on a message board regarding the claims that the family of Noel Langlois was Metis.  Gladys was kind enough to contact me regarding some information she had showing the Jesuit grant of land to a Jean Langlois, sauvage.  Grandson of Noel Langlois dit Boisverdun.

I have been given permission by Gladys to put this information online as there are a number of people talking about this.  I'm sure the battle will continue regardless of anything produced until Francoise herself appears to end the discussion.  It is not my intention to host a discussion group on this, however, I put an email link at the bottom if you feel you have to say something but nothing will be posted on this site as it is not a message board or blog.

It is important to note that the Metis Council will issue a Metis Status Card on this lineage.  Not only will they but they do!


The following table contains the records I received.  Click on the image to go to the full size document.  Feel free to copy and paste.  If anyone is willing to do a translation it would be appreciated as I can read a fair amount of it I'm positive that many would appreciate having a translation.  I will definitely add it to the table.

Front page
Jesuit Land Record
Page 1
Jesuit Land Record
Page 2
Jesuit Land Record
Page 3
Jesuit Land Record
Page 4
Jesuit Land Record
Page 5
Verification of Document
Jesuit Land Record
Documentation from
Birth of Louis Langlois
referred to in the
(registered Trois Rivieres)

Gladys supplied other pages that are backup information for example Jette.  This information can be found easily.

I wasn't sure about this until I looked at online records and found these people could be the family of Noel Langlois.

Perhaps I should have clarified why I even saw a possibility that there
could be some truth to the documents. At first I started looking and went
"no way this is Noel Langlois dit Boisverdun's grandson". Noel Sr. was born
ca 1604 France. Supposed grandson Jean is getting land in 1745. That is a
141 year span. I then decided to see if this was possible. Noel Sr. had
children for an impressive number of years. His son Noel Jr. was born
1651. Noel Jr. had a son Jean Langlois born ca 1688. This son married Marie
Buisson/Bisson ca 1712 Ste. Foy. Now we have a grandson of Noel Sr. in the
general vicinity of Robert Giffard's land that went to the Jesuits.
Actually between Ste. Foy and Wendat on the Google maps it is just about 7 miles
as the crow flys. According to google books this Jean Langlois was an
apprentice shoemaker at the time of his marriage. Not likely any of the Sieur
de Travesy of Beauport. Next question was this man still alive in 1745 to
receive the land that he had held to this point? I went through his
children and found a marriage for his son Michel in Ste. Foy in 1750. Five years
after the land transfer. I have read enough French church records to know
the pattern and usually a deceased parent is noted as defunct. That is
not on Michel marriage record. Because I could not eliminate a grandson of
Noel Sr. as being the Jean Langlois in the Land Record I conceeded he had to go
on the list of those it could be. If I had proved to myself it was
impossible I would never have put the information forward so that others could look and it and perhaps find the answer.